Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Arriving at Yamba

Today we, dropped Heidi off at the air port, ate a very unhealthy lunch, arrived at Yamba and had a swim in the pool.

It started in the morning at about six o'clock when i heard mum and dad up, i scurried around to get dressed and put my thongs on and went out side to go for a walk on the beach, like we had done the previous morning.
I stepped out of the caravan into the beuaiful sun of the morning and decided it would be really nice to have a walk on the beach.  Except mum and dad weren't outside, i looked in the tent, then checked the tiolets, Bummer, i had missed them.

When mum and dad got back we had scrambled eggs for breakfast and then grandma, rachel and i went for a walk to get out of mum and dads way while they started to pack  up the caravan.
We saw lots of fish in the lake. We watched them for a while, it's really fasanating to watch them go in their little groups and then go together to form one big group.

Then we went to the Ballina airport to drop Heidi off at the air port, it took about half an hour to get there. then we had red rooster for lunch, chicken and chips, it was so gross but so yummy.

Then it took about another hour and a half to get here.

All up, a two hour drive.

When we got here me and rach went straight to the pool and stayed there for the whole afternoon, did i mention it's really hot here?
Mum even came in the pool, that's a rare thing.

Then we had showers and i took grandma and rachel on a tour around the park, since i'd been here before.

It's so nice to be caravaning again.