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so I wanna see the country in a Winnabago / gotta get out there and do it / while I’m still able / there’s no point waiting til I’ve got grey hair / got a walking stick or I no longer care / there’s no need to wait for what you wanna see / it’s like living in paradise and watching TV / chances will come and chances will go / if you don’t take one / you’ll never know

"The Lucky Wonders, Anyway from Lay Down My Arms"

(This blog is a record of the years when we lived and worked for significant periods of time in our first caravan, starting in 2009 and winding down when we moved to the Sunshine Coast in 2013. Blogs from subsequent years are on the right. We sold our Regal with mixed emotions in June 2015, experimented with a camper trailer for a few years then bought our second caravan in mid 2018. See mariadicocco.net and colduthie.net for words and pics.)

We love the experience of a mobile and simple lifestyle. For us that meant hitching up our caravan, heading off to some of the great corners of Australia and detoxing from our inner urban habits. Not a holiday but another mode of living, our second home. Most times we are away we take work with us, the difference being the environment in which we do it. Sometimes it means flying back to be face to face with clients, a price we are willing to pay.

(This site also became the place where we chronicled our international travel experiences. All international travel blogs are in blue and can be accessed from the international tab as well as in the regular archive.)

The bits we like most are:

  • sense of freedom

  • feeling connected to and immersed in nature

  • being nomadic; discovering new places and new experiences

  • slowing life down

  • feeling the routines and responsibilities of our urban lives fall away

  • enjoying the process of planning and preparing food – and eating of course

  • TV - free

  • walking, riding, swimming, surfing, taking pictures, playing ... in parks, on beaches and in the surf

How did we end up living like this? THE BEGINNING tab has a go at answering this.

We use the term yurting to describe what we do. Our caravan is OUR YURT. OK, its a bit of a stretch, but it works for us. It is our way of experiencing mobility and simplicity.

Every now and again, instead of just writing about what we've done, we reflect on the idea of yurting, our thinking and feelings about the choices we have made to do this. You can read about our yurting PHILOSOPHY here.

Our yurting so far has been IN AUSTRALIA. These are the places we have been and the stories recounted in our blogs.

When we set out on this journey, we only thought of yurting in Australia. But our enthusiasm to travel to other shores is high and we have decided to begin to think differently about how we visit other countries. See the  INTERNATIONAL travel tab. All text associated with international travel is blue.

And if you would like to browse some photos, you can do that under the SNAPSHOTS menu.

Our mob, Christmas 2014