Saturday, 11 April 2015

stuff can hold us down - time to sell

nearly empty

It was 31st December 2013 when I posted, ‘seasons inevitably end’. This was a reflection on how our season of yurting; living and working in our caravan, had come to an effective end. A year plus on, and after 2 weeks living in it back on the Sunshine Coast, we are cleaning up our memory laden yurt to sell.

We figured that unless we sell, it will be hard to discern what comes next. The best times we’ve had are when this tiny space is overflowing with family and friends, talking, laughing, eating, playing. In the future, if Maria and I continue to travel and live around the place, we wonder if some kind of motorhome will suit us better?

For now, it has been fun allocating paraphernalia to family and friends and setting up a little give away stall on the grass. Body boards, a trusty old Maddog foamy, dozens of tent poles & ropes. Fishing gear, pop up tents, fold up chairs, and one too many tarps - gone or going to happy homes. The final tub will be full of kitchen appliances and utensils for one of the cleaning staff who works at the caravan park.

‘Stuff’ holds us down. De-cluttering is a very liberating exercise. We will naturally be sad to see this house on wheels go, but it owes us nothing, and has so enriched our lives. I’ve said many times that deciding to buy it was one of the best lifestyle calls we ever made. Without knowing what comes next, maybe selling it will be too.

Maria also blogged a reflection here.