Friday, 29 October 2010

Something New

Sometimes it just isn’t a ‘good’ year. One thing follows another and then another and by the end you just want it to finish. 2010 is a year we will be happy to put behind us. Our times away ‘yurting’ have been the only light in a grey and black kaleidoscope of stress, ill-health and death.

And here we are at the end of October and we are weary, so very weary. And the yurting life calls to us with promises of rest and renewal. We can’t just pack up and leave, much as we might desire to do so. Escaping feels so tempting. However, there are the usual work and family responsibilities. So we try to think creatively, considering the needs of the six members of our family. And we come up with an idea – what about if we take the caravan down to Ocean Grove (an hour and a half away) and leave it there for a month or so and spend half the week there and half the week here. Johanna will need to come with us, she will miss some school and we will work around her dancing lessons, concert practice, grade seven transition, grade six graduation etc… The other three can come and go as it suits them and their studies for exams and work commitments. Colin can do some work while we are away and organise the rest for the three working days we will be in Melbourne. Maybe it could work, maybe it could get us through to the end of the year, maybe…..

There’s only way to find out. So here we are about to embark on something new.....

And I feel better already.