Saturday, 29 June 2013

Coming and going

Rachel flew into the Gold Coast Tuesday afternoon and Colin flew out early Wednesday morning, back to Melbourne to work for a few days. The opportunity for a few days fun on the Gold Coast was too good to pass up. Luckily we chose the one fine day to go to Sea World. We managed to catch all the shows and try all the rides. The funniest thing was Grandma's comment at the end of a roller coaster ride that turned us every which way including upside down - "the best thing ever!"

A rainy Thursday was spent at Surfers Paradise and Pacific Fair where Rachel and Johanna were on a onesie hunt, it took a while but they found what they were looking for.

Today we hauled our bags to the Greyhound transit lounge only to find it deserted, no staff and no lockers for luggage. We killed time waiting for our departure at the Workers Club across the road. They kindly looked after our bags while we had an early lunch and Rachel and I tried to figure out how to use the pokie machines. We got some helpful advice from an elderly lady but gave up after five minutes - sooo boring and no point to it at all! There was a moment of concern later when I couldn't find the bus tickets, lucky they have a record of passengers so it wasn't a problem.

Back in Byron Bay we hauled our bags to the caravan park just beating the rain. Since then it has been teeming down, torrential rain with rainy patches. Mum, Johanna and Rachel have just taken themselves to bed, in tents that will hopefully stay dry under the tarps erected for just such occasions. Usually Colin is the one checking the tarps, digging trenches and making sure everything is weather proof, we are missing him and his expertise. If it all goes horribly wrong it will be an overflowing caravan tonight. Colin's return later tonight will be more welcome than usual!

The rain is forecast to be around for a few days unfortunately. Zac's arrival tomorrow is something to lift the spirits though. For the surfing enthusiasts the rain is neither here nor there, it is the surfing conditions that make or break the day.