Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Becoming re-acquainted

There is something comforting about reconnecting with places and rhythms at Byron Bay that are familiar - walking to the lighthouse, sitting in the sun on the deck chatting with friends or late afternoon walks on the beach with the promise of a beautiful sunset. Colin would of course add something about  surfing. Even the mundane things like grocery shopping and doing the washing bring us back to times past, reconnecting us to this place and the people here. I am beginning to understand why people return to the same holiday spot year after year. I have always enjoyed the adventure of new places, but there is something about returning to the familiar, especially when it includes people.

While much is the same, some things are not. Each year the beach is subtly different, the tides ebb and flow changing the landscape. There are familiar faces and new faces. Different family members join us for differing amounts of time. Colin's work commitments vary the time he is away and how much he works while we are here.

Today was a day to be re-acquainted and it filled us with a warm glow...