Wednesday, 5 October 2011

tourist town

Late afternoon finds us with another jug of sangria, this time sitting right on the beach front at Quarteria. Actually I'm sitting on my own, Colin has gone in for another dip, his third today! 

We took ourselves east this time to explore the coast a little in the opposite direction. We had a fantastic run with local buses today, often they come only every hour or so. We had three minutes to wait in Faro this morning to catch our bus to Albufeira. We perused the local gypsy market (not particularly interesting - lots of underwear, bags and dangly jewelry) We found our way to one of the beaches nearby where Colin had his first dip. We swallowed our pride and got on board the tourist train to save our tired legs and got a ride to a shopping/eating strip, where we managed to find a half decent sandwich. Another walk to another small beach and another dip for Colin. Then back on the little choo choo and a welcome ride to where we needed to catch our bus. We saw it pull in and ran for it, just making it in time.Whew.

We headed back towards Faro but got off at Quarteria to have a sticky beak. The towns and beaches this way are more like the Gold Coast, touristy and built up (though the beaches are not as good, not that we are biased or anything) Another walk along the board walk and finally a welcome rest for a drink and of course Colin can't resist another swim. We are glad we did not stay at this end of the Algarve, too commercialized for us - nice to have a look at though. Let's hope we can find where to catch the bus back to Faro and don't have to wait for ages.

N.B the reason we don't know where to catch the bus from is that Colin suggested that we get off at a marina and walk into Quarteria, another couple of kilometers walk it turned out, and I didn't question his sense of direction or complain I'll have it known.