Wednesday, 29 June 2011


I often talk about deferred gratification with the kids. And so after two and half days of driving, the thought of driving past Bellina towards the most eastern point in Australia, Cape Byron, was oh so sweet. I had imagined driving slowly into Clarkes Beach Caravan Park many times over the last few days.

Maria and Poss were walking so I was in the car on my own. I savoured every slow rotation of the tyres. I rounded the last corner before our site. I spotted Gavin and Julie's immaculate old Valiant and a second later I hear Gav yell out, "Welcome". What a great word. 30 seconds later I pull up outside our site. Scott emerges from their brand new van and as I climb out to stand on Byron Bay ground I hear that word again, "Welcome", he says.

When said with meaning, is there a better word in the English language? "This space, which I 'have' in some way, now has you in it, and I'm glad." Welcome is about place and relationship. Welcome is about being yourself. Welcome is about leaving behind where you've come from and being fully here.

Oh so sweet.

Poss and I made pact. Get in the ocean every day. Today, by the time we'd stocked up on supplies for a signature yurting dinner, it was late afternoon. I left the wetty behind. That was a mistake, but the feel of the salt water on my skin was ... well ... it was as if the swell at the Pass was whispering in the lapping swell, "welcome".