Wednesday, 29 December 2010

sniffing the place out

The first day in a new place has a familiar pattern. Shop for supplies, check out the beaches, and generally get our bearings. And so it was today.

After rain for much of the trek through the mountains, we were relieved to find Meriumbula dry, if unusually windy. But this morning bought the comfort of clear skies and sunshine so all was well for the thousands of holiday makers who park themselves in this little corner of heaven (Eden is just down the road) for some summer fun.

The best of the swell (perfect rolling waves off the point at the end of our park - spotted on my pre-breakfast walk) were pretty much gone by the time we got onto the beach mid morning.  However, we had a good and tiring day with much of it spent with (my brother) Phil and and Carol along with their family. They have been regulars at a place a few minutes walk from here with a view to die for. We went back there for happy hour before we fed our weary bodies: haloumi, tomato and basil salad with some fancy bangers.

Rachel and her friends Tyla and Jess have disappeared for their evening talk fest and Johanna, Maria and I are fighting to get to the end of the day ... some serious shut-eye is not far away.

More reflections to come when the routines afford us some reflective space ... its amazing how the day feels busy when you don't do anything except eat and go to the beach.