Tuesday, 30 March 2010

An 8km walk and a crappy lunch

Today so far we’ve, got up at 8:30, had some breakfast, potato and egg with parsley, cheese and some other ingredients that I can’t remember.
Then we did the dishes, brushed our teeth, just the usual. Then mum and dad sat down and did work on their new Macs and I did Homework on my old HP laptop, (nowhere near as good as a Mac, but I’m lucky I’ve got anything at all)
I got bored of doing homework so now I’m typing a blog (not that homework’s ever not boring)

Yesterday dad did some work in the morning so mum and I went for a walk on one of the tracks around the caravan park.
Then we drove to another walking track (all of us) and did a 8km walk!! It was agonising.
In the first half of the walk I pretended to be the tour guide, pointing out things along the way and giving instructions.  Then after we stopped to have morning tea I just listened to music and complained that my legs were sore.
There were even some obstacles on the way, like fallen over trees on the very narrow path, and piles of bark and leaves.
In some parts of the walking track it felt very dangerous.  On one side of the  - not even metre wide – path it went downhill very steeply to a rushing creek, and on the other side of the path was a very steep hill going upwards, it was almost as if they just stuck a random path on the side of a mountain.

After we had finished our walk we had lunch at a little pleasant cafe on Lake Daylesford. Although the food was very expensive and pretty crap there was a nice view.
It was very awkward when we were leaving because the lady at the counter asked how it was and we said “fine” and she said “Just fine, was it good, great, or just fine”
I think we all felt like saying “well for starters, the Turkish bread was burnt, the dips were crap, the fish was pretty gross too and all that was okay was the chips, but it’s kind of hard to go wrong with chips” instead, we said “Yeah it was good but the Turkish bread was a bit burnt”  Then the lady offered us another lot but we said no.

Then after our unsuccessful lunch we drove into town and dad worked while mum and I browsed the shops.

When we got back home we lit a fire and cooked our dinner wrapped in foil and stuck in the coals (potatoes and fresh corn) we were lucky because hardly any places these days allow you to have fires.
And I was extremely happy because after dinner I got to toast marshmallows over the fire.

Then we all went and had a shower, played a game of monopoly (the card game) then went to bed.

I liked sitting by the lake watching the ducks and mum liked taking their photo.

Another feathered friend